SHIFT is a space related performative act divided in three acts, in which Andreoni taped his phone to different automated machines in the city, intervening in everyday life and investigating the expressive potential of public infrastructures. SHIFT has been realized in collaboration with Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago and has been presented within the partner program of the 4th Chicago Architecture Biennial: The Available City.

Friedrich Andreoni is an Italian-German artist born on the verge of the last century. He grew up between the Middle East and Europe. Andreoni works across multiple media including sculpture, sound/-installation, performative acts, and video, operating independently around the world.

He is currently an MFA candidate at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2021-22) for which he has been awarded a fellowship from the DAAD, The German Academic Scholarship Foundation and the Art Institue of Chicago. He lives and works between Chicago, USA and Berlin, Germany.

Andreoni's work has been shown and presented internationally including Chicago, Berlin, London, Rome, Athens, Malmö, Zagreb and Abu Dhabi.
In collaboration with ESS (Experimental Sound Studio Chicago).
Supported by: The Graduate Dean Professional Development Award and Stiftung Kunstfonds.

With special thanks and appreciation to: Michael J. Golec, Hennie Reynders, Danny Floyd, Graduate Dean Professional Development Award, Experimental Sound Studio Chicago, The Department of Transportation City of Chicago, The Chicago Port Authority, Olivia Junell, Adam Vida, Luis Benitez, Michael Claffey, Tony Vercillo, Benjamin Zumbrun and Lou Mallozzi.

︎ Chicago Architecture Biennial “The Available City” is an investigation by
Friedrich Andreoni

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